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Velvette Organics' Interview on Grow from Acorns!

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grow from acorns Velvette Organics Interview When Work’s a Family Affair: Siblings Share What It Takes to Build a Successful Business Together
We were so thrilled to see our interview published on the Grow from Acorns' feature on sibling Co-founder business teams!
Grow from Acorns has a readership of 3 million and we were very happy and flattered to be included as one of the three sibling run businesses along with Coalition Technologies and Money Twins. 
Working together has been wonderful and we can't think of anyone else we'd rather work with on Velvette Organics!
"It's a lot of hard work, but it's all been worth it. Knowing we’re both working toward our dreams with someone we trust 100 percent feels good. I’m excited to see more of what we can create together." - Jenny
❤ Joyce & Jenny, Co-founders

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