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Resonate Magazine Interview!

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Resonate - Global Voices on East Asian Issues Interview Velvette Organics
Read all about our story in Resonate! In this interview, we talk about our inspirations, plans for the future, and more.
Resonate is a news, entertainment and blogging website featuring topics that resonate with East Asian communities around the world. As someone of East Asian heritage (I am Chinese Canadian and was born in Hong Kong), it's often difficult for us to find relocatable voices in the media that do not fall into typical tropes for Asian people. Resonate aims to diversify the representation of East Asian voices in the media, and as such we were we were incredibly honored to be featured (and on the front page!) by this esteemed platform.
We were interviewed by Yinsey Wang for this article. We met Yinsey in Hong Kong one summer, and we've always admired her! She's incredibly intelligent, poised, artistic and inspirational. Thank you so much for choosing to feature us!
❤ Joyce, Co-founder & CEO

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