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Organic Authority x Navago - Adult Acne: How to Clear it With Natural Solutions

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Organic Authority - Adult Acne: How to Clear it With Natural Solutions
We were lucky to be interviewed by Organic Authority on how to clear adult acne naturally! Organic Authority interviewed several founders from many of Navago's partnered beauty brands, and I was happy to be able to lend my expertise to the topic.
There are many possible triggers for acne and it's hard to pinpoint what may have been the precursor to a particular outbreak! 
Natural plant oils are the skin’s best friend. “By introducing facial oils that closely resemble the skin’s sebum into a skincare routine, it may help regulate and normalize the skin’s sebum production,” said Joyce. Velvette Organics Normal Skin Day and Night Facial Oils for acne prone skin provide light moisture without being heavy. People with acne often have reduced levels of linoleic acid in their skin, and these oils are rich in linoleic acid to help regulate the skin’s sebum.
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 ❤ Joyce, Co-founder & CEO

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