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NYC Indie Beauty Expo 2018!

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Indie Beauty Expo NYC x Velvette Organics
We just came back from Indie Beauty Expo in NYC, and it was an incredible experience! Not only did we have fun, we learned a lot from our neighbors and other industry experts that we met at the show! 
I've always loved NYC - there's nowhere else quite like it! As a start-up company that's only a little over a year old, I wasn't sure if I was rushing into things by debuting in the US this quick. Everything in NYC moves a little faster, and it's crazy how much progress we made with just two days at the expo. I definitely had no regrets about going there!
We learned so much from our neighbors Triumph & Disaster and Ellis Faas, who have been in the business for far longer than we have. They shared with us so much advice about running an indie beauty brand! They've been in the business for far longer than we have, and we were lucky to be able to learn from them. It was also a delight to meet new emerging brands Moon Bath, Makeup America and Persika Skincare!
We met many new faces at the show and we can't wait to come back. Until next time, NYC!
❤ Joyce, Co-founder & CEO

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