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Happy 1st Birthday Velvette Organics!

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Velvette Organics - Joyce and Jenny
Velvette Organics turned 1 year old today! This 12 months journey has been incredibly rewarding. We've learned so much and have met so many inspirational people along the way.
We started with only one product, our Premium Hair Oil. We've had our shares of failures and struggles, but now we have grown to 8 unique products, of which are sold in 11 stores
As we bootstrapped the entire company, both Jenny and I have had to learn and do everything from scratch. A little secret - I didn't have that much experience with graphic design when I started, and to design the product boxes, I had to Youtube "How do create box dielines on Illustrator".
We learned that to grow a company, the best way is to just do it. By the time you plan everything out, it may be too late! Take small risks, see how it goes, and keep fine tuning until you find an approach that works. Things constantly change in business, and everyday we learn something new. We will continue to try our best and make Velvette Organics better and better for the years to come!
Velvette Organics - Jenny and Joyce
Thank you to...
Our customers, for placing faith in us and our products.
Our stockists, for loving our products and giving us an opportunity to be in your store.
Our entrepreneur friends, for sharing their wisdom and insight with us.
Our supporters, for their kind words and enthusiasm for what we do.
And of course, our friends, family and special people in our lives, the ones who provide unconditional love, encouragement and support towards our dreams!
❤ Joyce, Co-founder & CEO

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