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One Step Hydration

Facial, Body, Hair Oils

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Simplify Your Beauty Routine to just one step

We know how frustrating skin and hair care can be. Many beauty routines can have over ten steps, and it's hard to tell which products are safe to use!

With Co-founder Joyce's Chemical Engineering background, we've curated specialized blends of 100% natural facial, hair and body oils that provide the same hydrating benefits of a multi-step routine in just one step!

No filler ingredients, only luxurious plant oils, extracts and vitamin E.

"After I was half way done the bottle, I wanted to switch back to my previous night time cream moisturizer to see the difference. The verdict is, the oil is much more effective in penetrating the skin and also evening out my skin tone over time. Highly recommend this oil."

- Cindy, Normal Skin Night Facial Oil

Product Samples

Product Samples

We offer samples of all of our products. Please click the below tabs for information on each product. Click on the Product links below to find out more about each one.

Normal, combination, dry, mature... what is your skin type? Find your facial oil match HERE!

FACIAL OILS 3 mL (0.1 fl. oz. U.S.)
PREMIUM HAIR OIL 2 mL (0.06 fl. oz. U.S.)
ESSENTIAL BODY OIL 5 mL (0.17 fl. oz. U.S.)

100% Natural, backed by science

Formulated by Co-founder Joyce, B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, we use unique plant oil bases for each product, chosen for their distinctive properties to suit each specific application.


Which facial oil should I use?

What's the difference between the day & night facial oils?

What's in the the Premium Hair Oil?

How do you use the Essential Body Oil?


Why We're Different

Our Story

Hello! We are sisters Jenny and Joyce from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our story began as we prepared to embark on a 3 month trip to Asia, where we discovered the incredible properties of plant oils.

We combined our backgrounds in Chemical Engineering and Accounting, and used our skills to create Velvette Organics!

Our Story

Why Plant Oils

One tiny drop of the right plant oils may moisturize just as effectively as one pump of cream, and at the same time eliminate many of the harmful chemicals found in other beauty products. Plant oils are an all-in-one solution to beautiful skin and hair!

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Our Mission & Commitment

We strive to bring nature back to our busy urban lifestyles. 

100% Natural · Organic · Vegan · Silicone free · Paraben free · Cruelty free · Alcohol free · Toxin free

Our Mission